Strategies for Trading Financial Markets Amid Recession and Interest Rate Cuts

Jay Tun
Founder, Swim Trading

The Art of Explosive Profits

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How Investors Can Outperform The Markets Through Winning Stocks

Hazelle Soon
Chief Trainer, The Joyful Investors

MarketWinners Course

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How to Day-Trade Hang Seng & DAX

Raymond Tan
Founder, Turning Point System (TPS)

Turning Point System (TPS) – Bread & Butter Strategies

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How To Build A 5-6 Figures Dividend Portfolio That Pays Passive Income For Life

Rusmin Ang
Investor and co-founder, The Fifth Person

Dividend Machines

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Mastering the Mental Game of Trading

Steven Goldstein
Trading Coach, Author, Podcast Co-Host AlphaMind101

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How to Make Great Swing Trades in Indices, Gold and Forex and Have Them Traded Automatically

Boris Schlossberg
Managing Director, BK Asset Management

BK Ninja Trading Course

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Adding Yield to Your Long-Term Portfolio with Covered Calls

Jessica Inskip
Director of Education and Product, OptionsPlay, Co-Founder/Host of Market MakeHer and Frequent CNBC Guest

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Navigating Opportunities and Challenges in 2024 Market

Kar Yong
Coach, eSmartAcademy

eSmart Mastermind Membership
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Cryptocurrency Rebound Playbook

Aik Keong
Principal Trainer & Mentor, CryptoKnight Academy

Crypto Profit Secrets
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The Sentiment Indicator That Cracked the Market Code with Near-100% Accuracy

Binni Ong
Founder, TerraSeeds

Live trade with The Alien Wash Strategy
Date: 29 Jan 2024 (Mon),
Time: 8:00pm SGT

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CFDs are a leveraged and high-risk product and can result in the loss of your entire capital. Trading CFDs may not be suitable for some investors. Please ensure you fully understand the risks involved and read the risk disclosure on our website.

The Event and any information or comments made therein are made for general informational purposes only and should not be construed as providing any investment advice, recommendation, offer or solicitation for a transaction in any financial instrument. Plus500 assumes no responsibility for any use of any information you receive during the Event. Please consider your specific investment objectives, financial situation, and consult an independent professional adviser before making any investment decision.

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